Women Climb Night

Get Your Climb On

Join us the last Wednesday of each month at the State Gym Top Rope wall. It is drop in/come-and-go experience from 4pm – 7pm. 

    Why the asterisks on ‘Women’?

    This program is open to students who identify as women or genderqueer. This includes women who are cisgender, trans, or of trans experience. We also welcome individuals who identify as gender non-binary or any other gender identity who seek this community. We recognize that gender is complex and members of our community that identify as women, genderqueer or belong to this group are all welcome at this program.

    Current scheduled dates (subject to change) are:

    February 22
    March 8 (International Women’s Day)
    April 19

    What They're Saying

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      “I feel like events such as these make different outdoor and outdoor adjacent activates easy to access for women, non-binary individuals, and women presenting individuals.”

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      “I think what made it important to me was that I could show up and know that I would be supported at whatever ability level I was at with climbing. It also helped me to know that I would not just be surrounded by Rec Services employees and their climbing friends; I knew I wouldn’t be the only one there who didn’t know the employees personally.”

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      “It allowed me a chance to be able to start climbing in a place that I felt secure enough to do so in, and it gave me enough confidence in myself that I ended up going back by myself the next night after dinner to use the climbing walls again, and I plan on doing so more often.”

    Women* Climb Night is also featured in an Iowa State Daily article.