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Discover the wide range of options offered by Recreation Services, including studios, pools, courts, and more, all available for reservation. Whether you're a student organization, university department, or hosting a social event, we are dedicated to making your experience both exceptional and successful.

Facility Reservation Guidelines:

Reservation requests must be submitted, at minimum, one week in advance. Any request made within one week will not be considered

Please note that the completion of this form does not guarantee approval. Final approval/denial will be communicated via email. Questions concerning applications may be directed to Recreation Services

Assistant Director of Facilities:

Doug Arrowsmith



  • If you are a Sport Club wanting a reservation, please contact the Assistant Director for Sport Clubs,

Landon Wolfe



  • If you are wanting to request a non-recurring booking for a multi-purpose mirrored studio (State 1218, State 2218, and Beyer 3430) use this link:

NOTE: Available bookings are subject to facility hours. If the facility is closed and the room is “available” you will not have access.

  • beyer gym

    Beyer Hall Gymnasium

  • beyer multi purpose

    Multi Purpose Room 3430

  • beyer pool

    Beyer Hall Pool

  • outside courts at beyer hall

    Outdoor Basketball Courts

  • a exterior photo of forker hall

    Forker Gymnasium

  • a photo of forker's multipurpose room

    Forker Multi Purpose Rooms

  • tennis courts

    Forker Tennis Courts

  • lied courts

    Lied Main Floor Courts

  • turf

    Lied Turf

    (Full or Half)

  • east state

    State East Gymnasium

  • west state

    State West Gymnasium

  • multi purpose room state

    State Multi Purpose Rooms

  • state pool

    State Pool

  • disc golf course

    Disc Golf Course

  • towers

    Towers Rec Fields

  • sand courts

    Sand Volleyball Courts

  • SE Complex

    Southeast Rec Complex

  • SW complex

    Southwest Rec Complex

  • MWL fields

    Maple Willow Larch Fields

  • Advance requests normally will not be considered until 3 weeks prior to the start of each semester. 
  • Reservation requests must be submitted, at minimum, one week in advance. Any request made within one week will not be considered. 
  • Requests will be acted upon based upon priority scheduling, availability and date of request. Confirmations/Denials will be sent via e-mail.

Reservations are based upon the following order:

1) Intramurals

2) Sport Clubs

3) Campus Organizations

4) University Affiliations

5) Off-Campus Groups.

Facilities are open for use on a scheduled basis during facility open hours.  Please view our homepage for the latest operating hours.  Due to limited facilities, all requests cannot be accommodated.

Recreation Services reserves the right to modify or cancel all scheduled events.

A limited inventory of sports equipment is available for rent at the Outdoor Recreation Program located in 0180 State Gym (Phone: 515-294-8200).

A nominal fee is required to check out equipment, which can be reserved up to 30 days in advance. An ISU card is required for equipment rental.

  • All setup of facilities will be scheduled and accomplished by the applicant during rental agreement hours and will be arranged with the Assistant Director of Facilities.
  • No equipment shall be removed from the facility.
  • All cleanup not completed by the user will be completed by the university and these costs charged to the user.
  • Please clean up any trash during and at the end of your event.

  • Food and gum are not allowed in the gymnasium and pool areas and drinks must be in resealable containers.
  • Clean gymnasium shoes are required to protect the wood floors.
  • Street shoes or shoes that mark or damage the floors are not allowed.
  • No rollerblades, skateboards, or other similar items are allowed in the facilities.
  • The sale or consumption of alcohol and use of tobacco products/smoking is expressly prohibited.

Field preparation or field lining by Recreation Services employees requires a fee and payment by the applicant. If it is necessary for the applicant to have this done, please contact the Assistant Director of Facilities to determine how to make these arrangements.

The applicant shall not alter the fields in any way without first receiving approval.

No vehicles, other than university service vehicles, are allowed on University fields. Service vehicles (i.e. deliveries or concession equipment) shall be allowed access to specific areas as necessary to perform their service function with Facilities Planning and Management prior approval.


Certificate of Insurance: All individuals and groups not affiliated with Iowa State University wishing to utilize indoor facilities and outdoor recreational fields must provide a Certificate of Insurance. Questions concerning insurance coverage and requirements may be directed to University Risk Management, 515-294-5315.