Intramural FAQ's

We have you covered.

Intramural sports are a great way to get involved in athletic activities on a recreational level. For more information, please view our Intramural handbook and FAQs down below.

  • Iowa State's Intramural Sports Program offers organized activities for all levels.
  • Leagues and tournaments include team, individual, and dual sports like Flag Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Poker, Broomball, and Curling. We offer out-of-the-ordinary sports such as Broomball and curling.
  • Thousands participate in men's, women's, and coed activities annually.

  • Explore over 40 activities in our intramural program.
  • Visit our sports schedule page for details on offerings and registration periods.

  • All students currently enrolled in classes  at Iowa State University,  who are assessed the current Activity, Services, Building & Recreation Fee, are issued a membership to Recreation Services automatically and can access Recreation Services facilities and programs (which includes intramural sports activities) with their ISUCard during that academic semester.

NOTE: In some instances, an enrolled student is not automatically assessed the Activity Fee.  To gain access to Recreation Services Facilities and Programs, you will need to request this fee be assessed. To request to be assessed the Activity, Services, Building & Recreation Fee to your UBill, please go to this link:

  • DMACC/Community college students: Must be enrolled in the Admissions Partnership Program, BUT are not eligible to participate unless they choose to pay the Activity and Service Fee. (Contact the fee assessment office to inquire about the semester fee) If you want to participate, you should follow the link to start the process of being assessed the Student Activities Fee:

NON-Students  –  Rec Pass   (Annual Pass – $403; or can be purchased on a monthly basis for $40/month)

All non-students who are 18 years of age or older and have a current, valid ISUCard are eligible to purchase a membership.

The following are included in the Non-Student category:

  • Employees (Faculty, Staff, Post Doc, Visiting Prof, Retiree)
  • Student & Employee Spouses and Dependents
  • Retired Employee/Spouses
  • Alumni Association Members with a current, valid Alumni Association ISUCard. (Instructions)
  • Approved Affiliate Employees

Affiliate Spouses (not eligible to be issued an ISUCard however, they are eligible to purchase a membership and have a paper pass.  Please contact Recreation Services for information regarding this process.  1180 State Gym, 294-4980).

NOTE: purchasing a monthly pass allows non-students the ability to participate in the intramural program.  However, the monthly pass dates MUST cover all dates of games played in order to continue to be an eligible participant.  Daily passes will NOT be accepted as a way to participate in intramural program activities.

  • Individuals and teams are welcome in Intramural Sports. Teams form from residence halls, Greek houses, organizations, and friend groups. Each residence hall, sorority, and fraternity has a Recreation Services Manager to assist with sign-ups.
  • Independent groups need a representative to connect with the program. Individuals for individual/dual activities should register online before the deadline.
  • No phone entries accepted. Online submission required for all entries.

(If you don’t have enough people to form your own team, you can still sign up to play!)

  • If you want to play, but you do not have a doubles partner or know enough people to form a team, don’t fret, we can still get you involved.
  • All you need to do is sign up as a free agent under the particular intramural sport you want to participate in.  Your name will be available to any other individual as well as team captains looking for players or partners.

  • Members of championship teams/individuals will receive one of the most coveted items on campus – the ISU INTRAMURAL CHAMPION T-SHIRT!
  • In order to qualify, your name must have appeared on a scorecard (a minimum of two games for team sports). The number of awards given to a team is five more than the number allowed on the field/court at one time. 
  • A maximum of two awards will be awarded to any one participant in a single sport.
  • Awards must be picked up within one calendar year at the t-shirt office in the Administrative Office during work hours

  • The intramural handbook contains the general guidelines and policies that the intramural program uses during its activities. 
  • Sport-specific rules can be found on that particular sport’s webpage through IMLeagues.